Cold Winter Night

It’s 3:30 AM now and I’ve just started writing this post. It’s cold outside. Cold and silent. The only sounds those I can hear are of the processor-fan and of the keypresses of my keyboard. A couple of minutes ago I was standing at my balcony, smoking cigarette. Suddenly I saw a hound of three or four dogs chasing a mouse. They chased and the mouse ran away. After a lot of chasing they finally caught the poor little creature (wait! should it be right to call the mouse poor and little?) and … …

It’s 18°C outside (Yahoo! tells so). A nightbird is chirping. It is making the silence more and more prominent. I was listening to some music also. Songs by Simon and Garfunkel. The window just aside my bed is closed and diffused light of the street-lamp illuminates my room. Let’s get back to the dog-and-mouse story. The dogs were killing the mouse… I was hissing from my balcony… One of them turned to discover the source of the sound… But it didn’t even care for it. It joined the hound… …

Silence… Deep silence… Not a bit of sound anywhere… I can even hear my heartbeat now. The night-guard passes by my house whistling, shearing the deep layer of silence. Not a single one is awake. Only the dogs are having their sumptuous dinner. They were hungry. They killed it. Still they didn’t kill another dog… …

More silence…It’s 4:10 AM now. I don’t know why I am sleepless today! I am not even feeling sleepy. I have an exam tomorrow but I’m not feeling like studying. I’m just awake sitting in front of my computer and doing nothing. The creatures outside (I am referring to the dogs and the mouse) reminded me of a movie. Not actually of the whole movie but a certain part of it.

Terminator 2:Judgment Day. Remember of the scene where Sarah Connor goes to collect her arms and ammunitions–John sitting and watching children playing with a toy gun–And the Terminator makes a comment to John?

Remember the conversation?

John Connor: We’re not gonna make it, are we? People, I mean.
The Terminator: It’s in your nature to destroy yourselves.
John Connor: Yeah. Major drag, huh?

Is it really the problem with us? It is Indeed…

It’s almost 4:25 AM now.  Almost one more hour for the sun to rise. It’s dark, cold and silent outside.

It’s dark, cold and silent. When will the sun rise? When are we going to see the dawn? When are we going to wash our sins in the rays of the rising sun? When are we going to hear children’s laughter instead of gunshots?

Well I’m waiting for the answers… Let’s all hope  for peace…

Imagine all the people…Living life in peace…


~ by abhisek on November 25, 2009.

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