Tomorrow’s Memories-I

Now this sounds real crazy…isn’t it? How come there be the memories of tomorrow? Of something that never happened? Let’s see: Tomorrow I woke up around 10 o’ clock in the morning. I had my teeth brushed, had a cup of tea, then took bath and then rushed to the university… Will it differ in any way if I replace the word “tomorrow” by “yesterday” ?

Herein lies the problem… Every tomorrow is becoming another yesterday. Nothing new is coming up. No new ideas, no new faces. The same old days starting with an arrogant hot morning and ending in a dusty afternoon…

I see a man everyday on my way to the university. He has a workshop at a stones throw distance from my house. He makes clay-god-idols. Whenever I pass his workshop I see a beautiful silhouette through it. I’ve thought of taking a couple of picture of that very silhouette many times. But there is a slip between the cup and the lips… I’ve never tried talking to that man…

Life is becoming the same boring everyday… It’s just like walking down the same old line… The same things are repeating everyday… The same deja vu… The days are passing by but we stand just where we were…

I keep on pondering like a kid:Why doesn’t a flying saucer land on my roof? What if an alien loses it’s way to the mothership and asks for help? Why isn’t there any gold mines undiscovered? Why doesn’t the band you’re in start playing a different tune?

Need a break man… Not only me… We all need…


~ by abhisek on November 7, 2009.

3 Responses to “Tomorrow’s Memories-I”

  1. ya, well…

  2. SAME DEJA VU??? deja vu means the same. quite accurate thinking. same mundane routine..on and on and on…i need a pause hell i do

  3. luv ur post….so true

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