First Blog

So…Let there be me…It is not the first time I am blogging. I started a blog in another site but it ended with the very first blog. I think this time it will continue. Blogging isn’t my kind of job. Well to start with I’d like to tell something about me. I am just another simple boy (Oops…I should rather say “man”…’cause I’m gonna be 21 this year). I draw cartoons, paint, write a bit and sing (though they sound very bad). I love to strum my 6-string. I enjoy the company of my friends. I read a lot of books at random. Needn’t essentially they be all of my interests. But I love reading. I love spending time gazing at the vast blue sky lying on the university ground with a cigarette in my hand. I love to hear a lot of music. But no Death Metal and Raps please!!! I also like to watch movies. And if they are old ones then there’s nothing to say.

I will be uploading some  of my artworks here. Because I’d like to have my works criticized.

That’s all…Folks…Till the next blog…



~ by abhisek on September 24, 2009.

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