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I wake up in the busiest street of the city in the rush hour. I am lying in the middle of the road. Cars are pacing up and down just by the side of my ear. I try to stand on my feet but fail to do so. I become damn afraid of the circumstances. I try harder to get up of the road. At last, I succeed after three or four trials. I battle with the raging cars to cross the street. I find a bus stop.

The bus arrives right in time. The hydraulically locked door opens up in front of me. I put my step on the stair of the bus. The door slams close right after I manage to pull myself inside the bus.

Silence! Not a bit of sound exists in the bus. No madness, no unnecessary honks, no sign of the rush going on outside the bus. It’s quiet, calm and peaceful. It has a capacity of 60 people as written on the manufacturer board. 59 of them are sitting on their seats. One seat is left empty. Everyone in the bus has headphones in their ear. They are listening to a song, whose faint melody enters my ear but it’s too inaudible to be identified. I start feeling suffocation in this silence. Nobody is talking or smiling or even making any movement. I push a man on his shoulder. He stares at me with a strange look. He seemed to be disgusted.

I start walking towards the one and only empty seat in the bus. Everybody is looking strangely at me. I reach my seat. There is an mp3 player kept on the seat with a pair of headphones. I pick them up. I sit on the seat. The bus is accelerating rapidly. I plug in the headphones and put them in my ears. I push the “play” button on the mp3 player.

“Fools”, said, “I you do not know

Silence like a cancer grows…


Cold Winter Night

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It’s 3:30 AM now and I’ve just started writing this post. It’s cold outside. Cold and silent. The only sounds those I can hear are of the processor-fan and of the keypresses of my keyboard. A couple of minutes ago I was standing at my balcony, smoking cigarette. Suddenly I saw a hound of three or four dogs chasing a mouse. They chased and the mouse ran away. After a lot of chasing they finally caught the poor little creature (wait! should it be right to call the mouse poor and little?) and … …

It’s 18°C outside (Yahoo! tells so). A nightbird is chirping. It is making the silence more and more prominent. I was listening to some music also. Songs by Simon and Garfunkel. The window just aside my bed is closed and diffused light of the street-lamp illuminates my room. Let’s get back to the dog-and-mouse story. The dogs were killing the mouse… I was hissing from my balcony… One of them turned to discover the source of the sound… But it didn’t even care for it. It joined the hound… …

Silence… Deep silence… Not a bit of sound anywhere… I can even hear my heartbeat now. The night-guard passes by my house whistling, shearing the deep layer of silence. Not a single one is awake. Only the dogs are having their sumptuous dinner. They were hungry. They killed it. Still they didn’t kill another dog… …

More silence…It’s 4:10 AM now. I don’t know why I am sleepless today! I am not even feeling sleepy. I have an exam tomorrow but I’m not feeling like studying. I’m just awake sitting in front of my computer and doing nothing. The creatures outside (I am referring to the dogs and the mouse) reminded me of a movie. Not actually of the whole movie but a certain part of it.

Terminator 2:Judgment Day. Remember of the scene where Sarah Connor goes to collect her arms and ammunitions–John sitting and watching children playing with a toy gun–And the Terminator makes a comment to John?

Remember the conversation?

John Connor: We’re not gonna make it, are we? People, I mean.
The Terminator: It’s in your nature to destroy yourselves.
John Connor: Yeah. Major drag, huh?

Is it really the problem with us? It is Indeed…

It’s almost 4:25 AM now.  Almost one more hour for the sun to rise. It’s dark, cold and silent outside.

It’s dark, cold and silent. When will the sun rise? When are we going to see the dawn? When are we going to wash our sins in the rays of the rising sun? When are we going to hear children’s laughter instead of gunshots?

Well I’m waiting for the answers… Let’s all hope  for peace…

Imagine all the people…Living life in peace…

As soon as you’re born

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It all starts right when you’re born. They give you a code (called “name” and not understandable to you at that very moment), they will ask you to do what they want or they couldn’t. They call it life.

You grow up a little, your mind flows-over with a hell lot of questions. But whenever you ask them for an answer, they turn their faces to you and give a disgusting look (I’m not talking about all of them obviously!). You keep on thinking… Newer ideas keep coming on to your mind… You start to answer your wonders… And suddenly… Your thread of ideas get nipped at the bud! You are forced to think in their way (singular obviously ’cause the ways are all the same…).

You grow up more. You’re now going to school. Here comes a stream of newer problems. Exams, scores et cetera. You are now bound to do whatever your teachers (!!!???) ask to. You have to leave your imaginations, stop thinking and answering your wonders right at that point of time. You are assigned to a code once more. And a performance-meter, which you’ve to carry through out your life, is attached to you from that very time. But you are not stopping to do what you wanted to… You keep scibbling on the back pages of your notebook, drawing funny things (I remember all my notebooks were flooded with funny pictures…), even writing poems (those bearing no meaning at all…)… And all of a sudden your teacher finds out that you are not attending the class with full attention; he/she throws you out of the class or detain you or even slap you hard… Again your imaginative mind gets hurt.

You keep growing up. Your thinking has matured a lot. At this point of time let’s make an assumption: the performance -meter, attached to you, tells that you performed well (although thrown out of class for several times). You find yourself in a college now. Of course a good college or university. You have made them proud with your performance though not a single one is bothered about your own say or will. You find and face (of course you have to face!!!) new troubles there too. You are threatened to attend classes now though you find a wide world outside the classes.You keep on making yourself perfect at what you wanted to do all the time. You, now, want to be yourself but… … Everybody knows it!!!

You grow up again. You finished your education… Better be called studies. You are in a job. Now again you find new boundaries, whole new set of protocols. You are now responsible not only for you but for the concern you are in also. At any point of time you could be thrashed by your superior(s) with a lot of bitter-sweet words. You have no time to dream now. You’ve lost your imaginitive mind. You’re now totally disillusioned (was the dream an illusion???). You are a money-earning-machine now.

Oh! One thing I missed… While you were in your college days, you were not alone. There was someone very special to you whom you loved very much. Together you dreamt of a better day, longed for the sun to rise after a pitch-black night, sang songs for change and painted your future. Now that person is still there standing by you or you’ve got a new company. But that person is also in the same situation like you now. That person is very wise. He/she stopped dreaming and became practical(?).

Now you are married. And luckily you’ve a kid. You have given the kid a name… …Next is what? The same rotation or… … ???

Is this what we live for?

Tell me one thing? Do you believe in Evolution? If you do, then there is at least some-billion-years-time for your arrival in this (not)-lonely blue planet. Is this what the universe longed for you?

Do something… At least leave a scratch… That might make a history, might not… … But at least make a try…

Tomorrow’s Memories-I

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Now this sounds real crazy…isn’t it? How come there be the memories of tomorrow? Of something that never happened? Let’s see: Tomorrow I woke up around 10 o’ clock in the morning. I had my teeth brushed, had a cup of tea, then took bath and then rushed to the university… Will it differ in any way if I replace the word “tomorrow” by “yesterday” ?

Herein lies the problem… Every tomorrow is becoming another yesterday. Nothing new is coming up. No new ideas, no new faces. The same old days starting with an arrogant hot morning and ending in a dusty afternoon…

I see a man everyday on my way to the university. He has a workshop at a stones throw distance from my house. He makes clay-god-idols. Whenever I pass his workshop I see a beautiful silhouette through it. I’ve thought of taking a couple of picture of that very silhouette many times. But there is a slip between the cup and the lips… I’ve never tried talking to that man…

Life is becoming the same boring everyday… It’s just like walking down the same old line… The same things are repeating everyday… The same deja vu… The days are passing by but we stand just where we were…

I keep on pondering like a kid:Why doesn’t a flying saucer land on my roof? What if an alien loses it’s way to the mothership and asks for help? Why isn’t there any gold mines undiscovered? Why doesn’t the band you’re in start playing a different tune?

Need a break man… Not only me… We all need…

First Blog

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So…Let there be me…It is not the first time I am blogging. I started a blog in another site but it ended with the very first blog. I think this time it will continue. Blogging isn’t my kind of job. Well to start with I’d like to tell something about me. I am just another simple boy (Oops…I should rather say “man”…’cause I’m gonna be 21 this year). I draw cartoons, paint, write a bit and sing (though they sound very bad). I love to strum my 6-string. I enjoy the company of my friends. I read a lot of books at random. Needn’t essentially they be all of my interests. But I love reading. I love spending time gazing at the vast blue sky lying on the university ground with a cigarette in my hand. I love to hear a lot of music. But no Death Metal and Raps please!!! I also like to watch movies. And if they are old ones then there’s nothing to say.

I will be uploading some  of my artworks here. Because I’d like to have my works criticized.

That’s all…Folks…Till the next blog…


Hello world!

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